5 spookiest places in the world

These spooky places are not for the faint-hearted. The world is full of mysterious, creepy, and haunted sites that have witnessed chilling occurrences that are sure to scare you.

From ancient forts and old cemeteries to haunting forests and towers, these mysterious places hide secret pasts, tragic incidents, and horrifying tales.

Here are the five spookiest places in the world that we dare you to visit once in your lifetime.

Island of the Dolls in Mexico

Located in Xochimilco canals in the south of Mexico City, Island of the Dolls is well-known for its creepy decaying old dolls that have a horrifying past.

The island is covered with thousands of scary-looking dolls strung up in trees.

According to locals, after discovering the dead body of a drowned girl and her doll, the island caretaker started hanging dolls to honor her.

Aokigahara Forest in Japan

Also known as the Suicide Forest in Japan, the Aokigahara Forest is the second most popular place in the world to die by suicide.

According to locals, the spirits of these people haunt the dense woods of the forest and are vengeful toward the forest visitors.

Several Japanese spiritualists believe that the suicides diffused through the Aokigahara trees that stimulated several paranormal activities.

The Tower of London in England

The Tower of London in England is a mysterious and spooky spot that has a spine-chilling history.

The tower was constructed in 1078 and has witnessed the gruesome execution of several princes in the past.

According to tower guards, the place is haunted by the headless spirit of Queen Anne Boleyn who was killed in the 1530s at the command of Henry VII.

Screaming Tunnel in Canada

Constructed in the early 1800s, the Screaming Tunnel is one of the spookiest places in the world.

The tunnel is situated underneath the railway track that connects Toronto and New York.

According to locals, a young girl succumbed to death in the tunnel after her farm caught fire.

Since then, the screams of the girl are heard when someone lights fire inside the tunnel.

Poveglia Island

Located in Italy, Poveglia Island‘s dark past will surely intrigue you. The spookiness of the place will send chills down your spine.

According to tales, the island was once home to a plague quarantine station and mental hospital. Several deaths occurred here due to a lack of treatment.

Since then, the place is haunted by spirits, and visitors are not allowed here.


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