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The 20 Best Places In Europe To Visit In 2023, According To European Best Destinations

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Europe is a continent with a fascinating past, many different cultures, and stunning natural beauty. Planning your next European adventure can be overwhelming with so many amazing places to visit. Luckily, European Best Destinations has released its annual list of the 20 best places to visit in Europe for 2023. From charming villages to vibrant cities, this list has something for everyone. So, grab your passport, and let’s explore the 20 best places in Europe to visit in 2023, according to European Best Destinations.

The City of Lights, Paris, France

Travelers frequently choose to visit the ageless city of Paris, France. The Rugby World Cup will be held in Paris in 2023, making it an even more exciting travel destination. There are numerous attractions in this city, including the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.

The Eternal City is Rome, Italy.

The Italian city of Rome has withstood the test of time. Visitors may anticipate celebrations and events all year long as the city approaches its 2,776th birthday in 2023. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain are just a few of the city’s well-known attractions.

Spain’s capital city is Madrid.

Spain’s Madrid is a bustling city with a fascinating history and culture. The city will play host to the World Pride celebration in 2023, which is certain to draw a sizable and diverse throng. Tourists can take in the city’s renowned nightlife as well as its museums, parks, and historic monuments.

The birthplace of Western civilization is Athens, Greece.

Greece’s Athens is a city rich in mythology and history. Tourists can explore historic sites like the Parthenon and the Acropolis and take use of contemporary conveniences like dining and shopping. The 2023 European Athletics Championships will take place in Athens.

The Venice of the North is Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands is a bicycle- and canal-filled city. Tourists can take in the stunning architecture of the city, particularly the well-known row houses, as well as the exciting nightlife and cultural events. Europride 2023 will be held in Amsterdam.

The city of Gaudi is Barcelona, Spain.

Spain’s Barcelona is a city renowned for its distinctive architecture and dynamic culture. In addition to taking advantage of the city’s beaches and dining options, visitors may tour attractions like the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. The World Roller Games will be held in Barcelona in 2023.

The City of History: Berlin, Germany

Germany’s Berlin is a city with a lengthy and complicated past. In addition to touring famous sites like the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall, tourists may take in the city’s contemporary art and cultural activities. Berlin will serve as the IAAF World Championships host city in 2023.

The Venice of the North is Bruges, Belgium

A delightful city with lovely architecture and canals is Bruges, Belgium. Along with seeing notable sites like the Cathedral of the Holy Blood and the Belfry Tower, tourists may also sample the local beer and chocolate. Bruges will serve as the host city for the Triennial of Contemporary Art in 2023.

Budapest, Hungary: The Spa City

Hungary’s Budapest is a city renowned for its stunning architecture and thermal spas. Together with visiting famed baths, tourists can explore sites like the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Hungarian Parliament Building. Budapest will serve as the World Aquatics Championships host city in 2023.

The World’s Happiest City: Copenhagen, Denmark

A sustainable city with a high standard of living is Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition to enjoying the city’s food scene and bike-friendly streets, tourists may explore attractions like the Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid monument. Copenhagen will serve as the host city for the 2023 WorldPride and EuroGames.

The Adriatic Pearl is Dubrovnik, Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, has a fascinating past and beautiful surroundings. Tourists may take in the city’s stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters as well as historical sites like the Rector’s Palace and the old city walls. Dubrovnik will play host to the Tall Ships Regatta in 2023.

The Festival City of Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish city of Edinburgh is well-known for its festivals and historical sites. Tourists can visit the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle, as well as the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Edinburgh will serve as the Solheim Cup’s host city in 2023.

The Renaissance was born in Florence, Italy.

The city of Florence in Italy is renowned for its artwork and construction. Together with exploring famous monuments like the Ponte Vecchio and Uffizi Museum, tourists can savor the city’s delectable cuisine. The 2023 World Masters Games will be held in Florence.

The City of Two Continents is Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkey’s Istanbul serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Tourists may discover famous sites like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, as well as sample the lively bazaars and local cuisine. Istanbul will serve as the host city for the 2023 FINA World Aquatics Championships.

The City of Seven Hills is Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, Portugal is a beautiful city with a long history. Tourists can explore notable sites like the Belem Tower and the Jeronimos Monastery while also savoring the local wine and pastries. Lisbon will play host to the UEFA Champions League Final in 2023.

The City of a Hundred Spires: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city in the Czech Republic renowned for its beautiful architecture and extensive history. Visitors may take in the city’s renowned beer and music scene as well as historical sites like the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. The 2023 World Gymnastics Championships will take place in Prague.

The City of Music is Salzburg, Austria.

The Austrian city of Salzburg is well-known for its musical heritage and attractive surroundings. Tourists can take in the Salzburg Cathedral and Mozart Birthplace as well as the local specialties of chocolate and coffee. Salzburg will serve as the venue for the Special Olympics World Winter Games in 2023.

The City of Islands is Stockholm, Sweden.

The city of Stockholm, Sweden, is dispersed among 14 islands. Tourists can enjoy the city’s lovely parks and canals as well as sights like the Vasa Museum and the Gamla Stan. Stockholm will serve as the host city for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

The City of Dreams is Vienna, Austria.

The city of Vienna in Austria is renowned for its coffee shops, culture, and art. Tourists can take in the Vienna State Opera and Schönbrunn Palace as well as the city’s world-famous pastries and wine. Vienna will serve as the venue for the 2023 European Athletics Championships.

The City of Banks and Mountains: Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is a city in Switzerland that is well-known for its banks and beautiful mountains. Visitors can take in the city’s famous cheese and chocolate as well as historical sites like the Grossmünster and the Fraumünster. Zurich will serve as the host city for the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championships.


How were the top 20 locations in Europe for 2023 determined?

European Best Destinations, a tourism promotion company for Europe, has selected the top 20 destinations for 2023. The decision was made based on things like historical significance, places of interest, occasions, and tourist experiences.

When is the ideal time to travel to these places?

The location and personal interests of each traveler will determine the ideal time to visit these places. When making travel arrangements, it is advised to check the weather and busiest hours at each place.

Are these locations are good for families?

There are lots of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages at several of the places on the list that are suitable for families. To make sure it suits the family’s needs and interests, it is advised to do some research on each location.

There are so many incredible places to visit in Europe, something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for history, culture, or natural beauty, the 20 best places in Europe for 2023, according to European Best Destinations, are sure to provide a memorable travel experience. From Paris to Zurich, each destination has its own unique charm and attractions. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the best of Europe in 2023.

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