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Top 7 Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad to Visit

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Hyderabad is a historical city with unparalleled charm and vintage vibes. Vintage architectural buildings, ancient historical monuments, and age-old eateries are what make Hyderabad a charming city. But besides its old-world charm, the city also offers tourist attractions around the city for a weekend getaway. If you are a Hyderabad local or visiting the city, do visit these getaways for a blissful weekend besides enjoying delectable Andhra cuisine and monumental beauty. If you are visiting the city, you can either fly to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport or take a train to Secunderabad Railway station.

Top 7 Weekend Getaways To Take From Hyderabad

1. Warangal


The ancient city of Warangal was under the Kakatiya dynasty and has numerous significant monuments of history which display the craftsmanship done by artisans of the era. There are beautiful gateways and stone structures which give a peek into royalty.

2. Dandeli


The town of Dandeli is situated close to Anshi National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. This place is known for its eco-tourism and is blessed with a variety of flora and fauna. When in Dandeli, you must go for a wildlife safari and white water river rafting if you are an adventure junkie. The wildlife sanctuary and lush forests at Dandeli will captivate you

3. Belum Caves

Belum  cave

These are the longest caves in the country, Belum caves have a length of around 3 and a half kilometres and will take you to the times when traveling through caves was a common practice. The ancient caves are dimly lit and have wide passageways which create a thrill for many tourists. Over the years, stalagmite formations have happened in the caves, and depots of limestones have created ridges and patterns in the caves.

4. Hampi


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is at a distance of around 400 kilometres and is a great tourist attraction in the region. The beautiful ruins of Vijayanagara Kingdom comprise the Virupaksha temple and other mesrmerising structures with intricate carvings. The Tungabhadra river flows through the city and a crackle ride on the river is a must-do activity when in Hampi.The artistic ruins of Hampi is a must-visit

5. Kurnool

The Neeva and Hundri waterways pass through Kurnool which makes it a blessed tropical destination. There is a significant temple in Kurnool named Sri Yagantiswamy Temple, also called the Uma Maheshwara Temple which worships Lord Shiva. The temple was built in the 5th and 6th centuries as a great example of ancient glory.

6. Horsley Hills

If your idea of a weekend getaway is a soulful trip, a visit to the Horsley hills is what would be the ideal place. There are hillocks, dense forests, and abundant tranquility making Horsley hills a scenic experience. There are breathtaking landscapes around the hills of Mansarovar lakes, Gangotri, Kaigal falls, Whisper Wind viewpoint, and more.

A scenic view from the Horsley hills

7. Nagarjuna Sagar

The Nagarjuna Sagar dam is built over the River Krishna in the Telangana district. The massive dam is a great tourist attraction in the region. The lush greenery around the dam attracts tourists for boating, fishing, bird watching, and photography. You can even plan a one-day picnic at the dam.

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